Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Candle

Someone give me a candle
That’s lighten up my burden to handle
No matter, how dark is the ground?
It leads your way unbound

Even how dark your path you follow
It gives you time to glow
Even the light is almost to decline
He wasn’t give up and leads you behind

Sometimes you ask to surrender
But the candle gives you an answer
That keeps you reminds your almost there
To gives you joy and until you bear

I told you that I always here
My heart is always close to you and care
To bring you joy and happiness so clear
Just a simple request, I make you my guest

Because you are my candle
You give me hope and lighten my life
Thanks for lessen the burden in me
You bring me joy and set me free

By: Erikho Obido 12/9/11 10:10am 

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