Monday, February 20, 2012

No Matter What Other Says?

A heart that deals with love
Will cater your heart even we are apart
Because truly love can wait with full of joy and sacrifice
Until you live here in my heart

No matter, what other says?
And nobody cares what I really feel
For me the best when you are always here
Because my heart beats saying I truly cares

The best I can, I made to deal
Taking you away is so unfair
Because living without you is so unreal
Because I cannot resists  living without is real

My life of me will turn on with you
When I'm away I feel no way
I will never feel this way when you are away
I was bless that you stay with me

Because my life will always be
Because my heart of me I found the key
That gives my heart a plea
Even others want to take you away from me

I'm so happy that you're always take a choice of me
That is why I keep your in my heart and nobody can see
Because I don't give others to stowaway your heart from me
Even you let me go, I beg you to stay

Until my last breath I say I love you
Because my heart is truly do
I'm letting you go when my breath away
But here in my heart your always stay

Author: Erikho Obido
February 7, 2012

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